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When it comes to roofing materials, there are few that offer homeowners more protection than metal. With proper care, metal roofing can last a century. Many Charleston roofing experts even recommend metal roofs to homeowners because they are eco-friendly and can save them money on their energy bills. Another reason why metal roofing has been growing in popularity is thanks to the different styles available to homeowners.

One of the most expensive types of metal roofs is alloy, and there are several alloy options available. While these particular metal roofs are some of the most expensive, they also last the longest out of all metal roofs. An example of an alloy roof is steel, which is a mix between iron and carbon. This is a popular choice for metal roofs because it doesn't corrode. It's also very heavy and available in a wide range of colors. In terms of cost, steel is cheaper than other alloy metals but not as cheap as aluminum. This makes steel a good mid-level material to use for a metal roof.

Stainless steel is usually a great option for homeowners who want a step above steel. Just like steel, it's a heavy metal, but the benefit of stainless steel is that it doesn't rust. Oftentimes, it's given a terne coating, which is what gives this metal its signature gray finish.

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While this is an expensive metal roofing option, it requires very little upkeep. Stainless steel also does a great job reflecting sunlight, which further lowers homeowners' energy bills.

While stainless steel is expensive, it's not as expensive as copper roofing. This is a metal roofing option that is usually installed on upper-class houses. The copper is shiny when first installed, but it starts to turn green as the metal ages. One reason why copper makes such a good roofing material is because it doesn't rust and naturally fights mildew and algae. This is why many flashing strips on houses are made out of copper. The biggest problem with copper roofing is that it's extremely expensive. Since it can be resold at a decent price, homeowners have to be on the lookout to make sure they don't become the victims of theft.

Metal is a fantastic roofing material. It helps save money on energy bills and doesn't take much to maintain. In the event that a metal roof becomes damaged or needs to be replaced, most roofers can replace pieces of a metal roof inexpensively. Since they last so long, homeowners can expect to enjoy their metal roofs for years to come.

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