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Owning a home is a large responsibility and a big commitment. When being proactive and preventing problems with routine maintenance, and knowing some simple things to avoid, you can save yourself a tremendous amount of frustration. There are several things that homeowners should avoid in regard to their roofs. Some are more common knowledge than others, but all are worth mentioning.

First and foremost, do not pressure wash your roof. Only a qualified Charleston roofing company should handle the cleaning of your roof, and there are many that will be glad to discuss your options. Pressure washing asphalt shingles removes the asphalt granules that make the water flow properly and thus preventing leaks. This is the quickest way to forcing yourself into buying a new roof. There are several ways to properly clean your roof, but pressure washing is simply not one of them.

Another problem to avoid is simply walking on the roof. Not just from a personal injury standpoint, walking on the roof can tear off the asphalt granules just like pressure washing. As we know, these granules are responsible for preventing leaks, and should certainly be protected. Even professional roofers will avoid walking on the shingles of a roof when giving estimates unless it's absolutely necessary. In addition to the granule problem, shingles themselves can become dislodged or torn, which also creates a situation for water leaks.

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It's best to avoid this completely.

Searching for leaks yourself on the roof is best left to a professional. When you begin to remove shingles in search of a leak, you can create leaks where they likely didn't already exist. Make sure you speak with a professional roofing company when you have a leak and are trying to determine it's location.

Finally, understand that not everyone who claims to be a roofing expert is actually telling the truth. Do a little research and find a professional contractor with a proven track record and satisfied customers. There is no substitution for getting a high quality job done correctly the first time. Make sure you are getting a true professional and not someone that has just seen it done or helped out on a job or two.

Your roof is much more important that many people realize. Even though it's not necessarily the first thing you think of about your home, if not properly installed with quality roofing materials, you will pay dearly for repair and perhaps even restoration. When it comes to your roof, these simple proactive steps can make all the difference in the world. You'll save time, money and a lot of frustration by following these easy steps.

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