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Whether installing a brand new roof or replacing the shingles on a roof, homeowners often need help deciding which shingles are best for their homes. Those homeowners can turn to Charleston roofing companies for advice on which materials are best and which will withstand the unique weather conditions of the city too. Many homeowners learn a little more about each material to educate and inform themselves before meeting with roofing companies or contractors.

The most common type of shingle is an asphalt shingle. These lightweight and flexible shingles work on all types of homes and come in a variety of styles. The design features a thin core made of asphalt with granules coating the surface. Composition or composite shingles are similar but feature thicker and more durable materials. While asphalt shingles may last for 15 years or less, composition shingles can last for twice as long.

Those who want something a little different might look at ceramic shingles. Also known as ceramic tiles, these shingles use natural clay as a base. Manufacturers fire the ceramic pieces in kilns and can add dyes to change the color of the finished product.

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Ceramic tiles are susceptible to certain types of damage, especially when homeowners walk across the roof or when hail strikes the home. Some companies also make ceramic tiles from recycled materials that appeal to those interested in green roofing materials.

Slate tiles are another popular option. Also known as natural stone tiles, manufacturers source these tiles from larger pieces of stone found throughout the country and around the world. They break the tiles into smaller pieces and shape the edges before selling the tiles. Natural stone often features color discrepancies that occur because of the natural discrepancies found in the stone. Stone is one of the most expensive roofing materials.

Metal roofing panels are also suitable for local homes. As many older southern homes featured metal roofs in the past, this allows homeowners to recreate the historic look of their homes. The panels come in a range of different sizes, including some that are the same size and shape as traditional asphalt shingles and larger pieces that can cover up to half of the roof. While metal is usually the most expensive roofing material, metal roofing panels are a little more affordable. Contractors can help homeowners when it comes to selecting the best material and can show them samples of what each material looks like.

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