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Summerville Roofing: Article About How To Replace and Repair Shingles

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While the shingles of your roofing do their part in terms of looking aesthetically appealing, they're also used to help ensure that the condition of your roof is at its best. From preventing moisture making contact with the foundation of your roof to helping increase the structural integrity, keeping the shingles in good shape can make an enormous difference in the lifespan of your roof. Instead of rushing to hire Summerville roofing contractors for the task of repairing and replacing any shingles that are in poor shape for your roof, these tasks can be done on your own if you know what to do with the help of a guide.

Having the proper equipment and materials on hand for repairing or replacing any shingles will make the largest difference in how the experience goes. From a chisel and pry bar to pop off broken shingles to roofing cement and nails that can be used for repair work, you should visit a hardware shop in order to pick up all the necessary materials to help take care of your roofing shingles.

In order for any shingles to be removed and repaired on your own, you need to utilize a pry bar to help loosen and fully remove each tile so that it can be discarded. Repeating the process with each tile that is beyond repair should help give you a clean slate to start installing the new tiles.

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Using the nails and roofing cement to properly adhere the new tiles to your roof should be simple when using instructions included with the purchase. Applying weights to the shingles overnight should help keep your roofing flat and polished in appearance.

In most cases, replacing the shingles entirely is the best option when compared to repair work. If a single shingle is chipped or has become discolored, it can often be a huge challenge to fix it using the pieces of another shingle and have the final look be as polished as installing new materials entirely. If you're set on repairing a small corner of a damaged shingle, you need to have the exact dimensions on hand so that you can customize another shingle and have it installed properly so that it fits in perfectly.

As you consider the steps involved with repairing and replacing any shingles of your roofing, it's easy to see that the task can be quite simple if you have all of the necessary materials and tools needed for the project. However, if you run into trouble or the task looks to be too big for you, don't hesitate to call in a professional.

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