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Flashing is an essential part of roofing due to the fact that it helps redirect water when moisture makes contact with your home. A lack of maintenance can often result in significant structural damage, moisture issues and more, making it vital that you understand the variations of flashing so that your roofing can be maintained properly by a Summerville roofing contractor that you've hired. Understanding the varying materials used for roof flashing and the different forms that it can take will help make it easier to make certain that everything is functioning as it should.

Materials used for flashing can include composite materials, plastic and large sheets of metal, with benefits for each type varying. The age of your home and the amount of direct sunshine that your roof takes can make a big difference in which types of materials are the best choice for the flashing.

If your home has a chimney, it's helpful to have strips installed around the edges so that the flashing can be set up to help direct water away from the base and the roofing shingles.

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Direct contact with water to your chimney year after year could result in the materials of the chimney crumbling and causing significant issues for you later that may require expensive repair work.

The flashing detail installed around vents on your rooftop need to be inspected regularly to ensure that everything is in good condition and isn't deteriorating in the slightest. Even a few minor gaps in the flashing can result in water finding itself trapped between shingles and to the base of your roof, causing the roof to become weighted down where leaks can likely occur.

Dormer windows definitely need metal flashing installed around each piece of roofing material to ensure that there are no gaps where moisture can become trapped underneath. In front of the windows on the dormers, you need a long and slender piece of flashing installed to ensure that the water which drips down doesn't cause any issues. Since the water will travel down the sides of the dormers when it rains, you need to have the flashing in high-quality condition so that it provides the effects that you need.

Understanding all of the various ways that flashing is used for your roof can help give you a better peace of mind regarding the condition of your roof. Reducing the likeliness of a leak occurring by taking proper care of the flashing work that's done will extend the lifetime of your roof.

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