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Mount Pleasant Roofing: Article About Finding Roof Leaks

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Your Mount Pleasant roofing system provides protection against the environment. However, like any major structural component, your roof may begin to fail as it ages. Leaks are one of the biggest indications that your roof may require some repairs.

Unfortunately, a leaking roof is not necessarily easy to detect. Many leaks start very slowly, and damage is not visible from the inside of the house unless you get hit with a rain storm. Many components that make up your home can spring a leak, including windows and siding. This can make it difficult to determine what is causing the leak, where it is coming from, and most importantly, what needs to be done to fix it before any serious damage to the roof sheathing and rafters occurs.

With that being said, there are certainly warning signs that indicate that your home may have a leak. If you are inspecting your home from the inside, a leak may show up as a brown spot on the ceiling, pealing paint and rotting or discolored wood around skylights and cracks on the ceiling. If you are inspecting the roof itself, blackening or mold present on your roof's decking, stains on the flue of your furnace or signs of decay can indicate that your roof may have a leaking problem. Additionally, roofing debris littering your yard or granules from asphalt shingles present in the downspout can also suggest that your roof has been battered and needs some attention.

If you believe that your roof may be leaking, it is imperative that you determine where the leak is.

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Even if you plan on having a professional contractor out to make the actual repairs, you can have a better idea of what you are up against and make a temporary fix to keep the damage from spreading.

If your roof has an attic, one way that you can determine where the leak is coming from is to take a flashlight with you. Water will reflect the light from your flashlight. If you can find the source of the water, mark the spot of and grab a helper. They can tap the underside of the roof while you are up top. This way, you can find the exact spot of the leak and either apply roofing cement or have the area re-shingled.

However, finding the leak is not always so easy. If you cannot determine where the water is coming from, or you do not have an attic, you can check other roofing components that are known trouble spot. These include the boots, vent pipes, air vents and exhaust fan flashing. Additionally, the gutters and downspouts, flashing and dormer valleys also are popular spots for the formation of leaks.

If your home is leaking and you cannot find the cause, it is highly recommended that you contact a professional contractor. Since most leaks start small, there is a chance that your home has had a leak for some time and that other damage needs to be repaired.

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