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Hiring a Summerville roofing company to work on your home requires a lot of trust and commitment. When you start the process of choosing the right contractor, you'll want to obtain as much information as possible about each candidate. Factors like cost, reputation, materials and experience are all crucial, but a contractor's ability to meet your specific goals should count most. Here we've gone over five important factors to consider when making your choice.

Before you speak with a contractor, it's good to have some basic knowledge about roofing materials and construction. This knowledge enables you to ask questions that relate to your specific needs and expectations. A contractor's ability to answer your questions will help determine if they are a good fit for your project. If you don't know anything about roofing before making your selection, you may end up with a roofer that can't accommodate your needs.

The most objective piece of information you'll get from a contractor is a cost estimate. While we don't advise you to use this estimate alone to make a decision, it will help you calculate the overall value of a contractor. Due to a slowdown in business during the off season, we recommend that you requests estimates during the winter months. This is when companies will have more flexibility on rates. They'll also have more time to discuss more in-depth topics with you.

Coupled with an estimate, you'll be able to determine the long-term costs of your roofing project by factoring in longevity of materials, energy efficiency, and any included warranties on parts or labor.

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In some cases, you'll find that a contractor with higher up-front costs is actually cheaper in the long term. Remember, if the roofing contractor you choose does a sub-par job, you'll need to install your roof all over again with a new contractor, eclipsing the costs of any single roofing company.

Creating a thorough plan of action for your contractor will ensure that your needs are met every step of the way. When you effectively communicate this plan, your contractor should know exactly what you expect in terms of materials, costs and timetables. If your contractor isn't able to provide clear and informative answers to your questions regarding these factors, they are probably not the right choice for your project.

Once you've made your final decision on a contractor, it's still important to carefully evaluate the work being done on your property. Speak with your project manager everyday about the progress being made on your roof. He or she will let you know about any significant delays or changes that need to be made to the project plan. While you don't need to be watching your contractor every moment of the day, providing support when needed can really improve the overall performance of the roofing crew.

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