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Your Mount Pleasant Roofing system protects you and your family against the elements. However, no matter how strong your roof is or how vigilant you are in performing routine inspections and maintenance, there are several things beyond your control that could cause serious damage to your roof.

One of the most avoidable of these causes is poor maintenance on the part of the homeowner. When you perform regular maintenance on your roof, you are more likely to find leaks or areas where your shingles or other roofing materials have become damaged. If you find weakened areas on your roof early enough, you can either perform the necessary repairs or contact your trusted roofing contractor for help before the damage becomes excessive.

Hail can also cause serious damage to your roof system. Hailstones can cause your asphalt shingles to lose their granules, which exposes the bitumen material. This drastically decreases the life of the shingles and may cause them to begin to wear prematurely. Additionally, they can also cause the underlying mat to rupture, which decreases your roof's ability to shed water. If water is not shed, the metal butted joints in your roof's sheathing can suffer from corrosion and allow the water to enter into your living space.

Have you ever listened to the wind howl outside? While you may be sitting comfortably in your home, that wind could be causing damage to your roof.

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For example, if some of your shingles are loose, the wind could get under them and cause them to rip off. This potentially leaves a gaping hole that may allow water to enter. Further, the wind can cause twigs and large pieces of debris to fall, damaging the shingles and the structure beneath.

Finally, rain and snow can also spell trouble for your roof. If your roof does have any weak spots and water gets into the substructure, the trapped moisture could cause the wood to rot and the insulation and decking to grow mold. When snow accumulates, it can become quite heavy. Throughout the winter, some of the snow that sits on your roof can continuously melt and freeze, causing a layer of ice to form against your shingles. This only increases the weight on your roof and may, in worst case scenarios, cause your roof to collapse.

Unfortunately, these environmental events are outside of your control. However, you can protect yourself by always taking the time to inspect the condition of your roof following a storm or before each new season begins. This way, you will be aware if any damage has been done and can get the problems taken care of as soon as possible.

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