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New job? Need a bigger house? Estate sale? Whatever your reasons for selling, you are faced with a challenging task. Experts recommend that you start by fixing the things that you have been meaning to fix all along. If they drive you crazy, they will drive potential buyers crazy too.

Before you start updating faucets and changing the knobs on your kitchen cabinets, consider what potential buyers first see the outside. Sure, some flowers help. Moving the kids' toys into the shed? That helps too. But, buyers have much to choose from and are more savvy than ever. They will be checking out the roof, the gutters and the soffits of your house as they arrive. Don't let these items stand in the way of you and a profitable sale.

Get on a ladder, or call a Mount Pleasant roofing company to do it for you, and check out the top of your house before you host your first Open House. Are there missing shingles, tiles? Is the roof moldy? Look at the gutters. Are they clean? Are they sagging, broken? Do end caps need to be resealed? Carefully check your soffits.

Have a question regarding vinyl siding or vinyl replacement windows? Please ask the roofers at Lowcountry Roofing of Mount Pleasant SC.

You don't want to interrupt a bee hive or a nest of birds if your soffit has been compromised. These are all things your could-be buyer is seeing as well.

While there are plenty of things inside your house that you can easily repair, update or replace on your own, your roof, gutters and soffits are best dealt with by professionals. Call a couple of local roofing companies and let them know what you are doing. Along with providing proof of licensing/bonding, insurance and references, have them give you a written estimate and any guarantees on their work provided by the company.

Once you have chosen a roofer, get their opinions on what your best options are for making your house competitive, safe and appealing. Enlist a real estate broker for opinions as well. Most home-buyers are looking for a neutral slate on which to create their own perfect home listen to the experts. Look to the sale!

Potential buyers will have peace of mind whether you only have to reseal the gutters, or if you have to bite the bullet and replace the roof (or provide an allowance for the new owner to do so be sure to talk to your real estate professional about this). Put that "For Sale" sign out with confidence knowing that your roof is not going to scare anyone away.

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