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The roof of your home needs to be maintained in order to keep the interior free from damage caused by water leaks and to prolong its life. A leaking roof can allow mold and mildew to form, cause water marks on ceilings and cause extensive damage to walls and floors. Performing regular maintenance on the roof can prevent this. Experienced Mount Pleasant roofing professionals can help you protect your investment.

Roof inspections involve a thorough assessment of the roofing system and all of its components. By catching a problem early and performing necessary repairs, issues can be contained, therefore avoiding larger problems in the future. Professional roofers have a trained eye and know what to look for. They also have the proper safety equipment to climb up on the roof. Rain and windstorms can cause a lot of damage to roofs that homeowners may not notice. An inspection involves looking for damaged or missing shingles, moss growth, flashing that is starting to rust, gutters that have become separated from the roof and debris blocking the eaves, to name a few. Regular wear and tear on the roof is normal; catching a problem early will prevent the roof from leaking.

One of the things to check during regular maintenance is the insulation in the attic. It keeps the house temperate during the winter months and cool during the hot, humid summer months. Ensuring the insulation is kept dry allows it to function properly. If it gets wet, it loses its ability to maintain the temperature of the home.

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If insulation stays wet for more than a few days, it allows for the growth of mold or mildew. If it is not repaired quickly, wood may start to rot, causing structural damage that is costly to fix. Look for condensation on the underside of the roof deck to indicate if moisture is present in the attic. If there are any signs, contact your trusted roofer immediately.

The function of the roof is to keep water out of the home. The system of gutters and downspouts drains water from the roof and delivers it safely away from the foundation of the dwelling. They need to be kept clear of branches, leaves and debris, or they can lead to water back up, which may cause damage to landscaping and lead to ground erosion. If there are trees that overhang your roof, they should be completely trimmed back. Dripping water from the branches can harm your roof, and the falling leaves can clog the gutters and downspouts.

If you spot moss on the roof, call your trusted roofer immediately. Its root-like structure can grow underneath the shingles, causing them to lift and separate. Shade from trees is the perfect breeding ground for moss, so be sure to keep them trimmed away from the roof. Should you see a few small spots, gently remove them with product from the hardware store. Retreat as required with any new moss growth.

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