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Irrespective of the type of home you live in, it is quite likely that your roofing is in need of maintenance or repair work. Although you may have grown accustomed to the "lived-in look," keeping older siding isn't energy efficient or aesthetically appealing. When you're ready for a much-needed upgrade, Mount Pleasant roofing service providers can help. Roofing experts possess the knowledge and experience necessary to analyze your unique roofing and siding problems and solve them with expedience and excellence.

One of the first questions that individuals ask when attempting to get their roofing in good condition is: What causes a roof to go bad? There are a variety of factors that can cause your roof to degenerate or fall apart. One such factor is severe weather. Additionally, defective materials, poor roof work, algae discoloration or the age of the roof can cause it to fall apart. Roofing experts are aware of the challenges that can be presented by each of these unique factors and can correct whichever roofing problem is precluding you from enjoying your home to the fullest.

In addition to wondering about the factors that cause roofing problems, one of the more prevalent roofing questions is this: Do I really need to have routine roof maintenance done to keep my roof in good shape? The answer is yes.

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Although broadly defined, roof maintenance is basically a physical inspection that is conducted to determine the roof's current condition, identify potential problems, and detect failures and weaknesses. By having routine roofing maintenance inspections, roofers can detect damage during its early phases and prevent minor problems from becoming major issues. When this damage is detected early, the repairs can extend your roof's life and help you avoid the expensive task of re-roofing.

Yet another question that individuals have regarding home repair is: What causes my siding to start falling apart? The answer is simple: Aging and siding material generate the process of degeneration. One of the things roofing experts recognize is that much of the siding material that was used in previous years was not designed to last for more than 20 years or so. Once this siding material begins to age, external elements such as wind and water can cause it to erode. This erosive effect can cause roof cracks to appear, making your roof incapable of protecting the interior of your home from the natural weather elements. In many cases, older homes had roofing comprised of asphalt shingle siding, fiber cement or wood. These types of materials are often made of raw organic materials, and this makes them susceptible to splitting and other forms of erosion as time passes. Oftentimes, homeowners find that their siding has begun to bulge out at some points. This is often an indicator that the siding has begun to absorb moisture, after which point it can become swollen.

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