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Mount Pleasant Roofing: Article About The Basic Benefits Of Metal Roofing

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Your home's quaint gabled roof looks good now, but you'd like to ensure it remains in perfect condition until you're ready to sell the property. Unfortunately, your current asphalt shingles aren't going to last forever; soon enough, they'll fade and sacrifice material to the elements as wind and precipitation take their toll.

Things don't have to play out this way; there are plenty of other options besides traditional clay, asphalt or wood shingles. Metal roofing is a great way to spice things up a bit with a focus on durability and long-lasting style.

Mount Pleasant roofing that employs metal tiling gains a number of obvious advantages over other options. For instance, metal is clearly more resistant to UV weathering and wind erosion that gradually degrades organic and composite materials, and it also stands up well to the forces of thermal expansion. Surprisingly to most homeowners, it's actually lighter than many asphalt-based shingle roofing options because it doesn't require as much material to provide the same level of protection.

Because of its material-conserving properties and its efficiency, metal roofing may even cost less to install and maintain than asphalt shingles or clay tiles do. Moreover, metals can be factory tinted to match a much wider range of colors, and they rarely require anti-moss or mold-fighting treatments because they don't give these plants quite as much purchase for growth.

Another cool stylistic aspect of metal roofing is that it can be formed into a huge range of shingle patterns.

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Even though these roofs make it possible to preserve your home's current appearance longer, they're perfect for those who want to create new styles that set their homes apart from the rest of the neighborhood while retaining an air of class.

Metal roofing is also compatible with a wider range of breathable and semipermeable underlayments and membranes designed to keep your roof well-ventilated. Such versatility lends well to older homes that have sustained a lot of structural stress over the years and modern homes that are designed for maximum energy efficiency; metal roofing reflects so much solar energy that the U.S. Department of Energy even offers some incentives for installing it. You may even find that your insurance company cuts you a break because your roof is less likely to succumb to storm-force gales or fires.

Depending on how your roof is installed, it could last for up to 50 years! Maintenance is super simple; routine cleanings and periodic spot inspections are usually sufficient.

Metal roofing is a great investment that can drastically extend the utility of your home by keeping its building components safe from environmental damage. In our storm-prone part of the country, preparation goes a long way, and shielding your home with metal roofing is a great way to stay on your toes.

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