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As a homeowner, the last thing you may want to hear is the sound of hail. While you may be safe and sound inside your home, your Summerville roofing system may be taking quite a hit. Unfortunately, the impact of pieces of hail hitting your asphalt shingles could result in extensive damage. However, if you learn how to identify the damage, you can be confident in pursuing coverage from your insurance policy and have an idea on the type of repairs that will be needed.

There are three main characteristics to hail damage on shingles: bruising, missing granules and cracking. Bruising is a term that refers to small dents and dimples that are made when the hail hits the shingle. These are not always visible, but the damage can be found by running your hand along the shingle surface. Missing granules, which are actually what causes your shingles to be waterproof, may indicate that something struck your roof. Finally, if the hail was large enough, the impact could actually result in circular cracks on the body of your shingle.

In soft metal components, hail damage will appear in the form of dents. This includes the gutter, the downspout and the vent. If these are damaged, your roof most likely sustained damage.

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After a hailstorm or other environmental event occurs, it is recommended that you inspect your roof as soon as possible. While the roof damage itself is most important, you can also do a quick assessment by checking the foliage around your home. If your trees and shrubs are missing limbs and branches, there is a good chance that your roof has sustained damage. You can also check the condition of patio furniture and screens as well. Additionally, you may want to circle the outside of your home to see if you spot any shingles or granules on the ground. If these are present, your roof is missing shingles and may have sustained extensive damage in the storm.

The size of the hail may affect your ability to identify the damage. As a general rule of thumb, hail less than 1 inch in size will probably not result in significant damage. Hail that is more than 1 inch but less than 2 inches in size may only cause damage to the soft metal components of your roof, such as the flashing, and to some of the shingles. Any hail that is larger than 2 inches can cause serious damage, which may be seen across all components.

If you believe that your roof sustained damage from hail, your insurance provider will send an assessor to perform an inspection. Most insurance policies will cover the damage, but may only pay the depreciated value of your roof depending upon certain factors.

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