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If your roof is old and requires a lot of repair, it may save money and time to perform a full replacement. A full roof replacement is a major commitment to make compared to other household improvements. Although do-it-yourself projects save money, always hire a skilled Summerville roofing expert for the best installation of new materials. Cutting corners to complete the job yourself can significantly compromise the quality of protection and end up a mess down the road.

All roof types have advantages and disadvantages to consider before deciding how to move forward. A lot of older homes feature asphalt roofing because it is an inexpensive option and maintenance is simple. It does not add much in terms of curb appeal, nor does it do much more than protect the home from water. Dark asphalt retains solar heat that can lead to blistering if moisture becomes trapped underneath the shingles. Another disadvantage to absorbing heat is that touching the surface in the heat of the day can cause burns during regular debris clearing. A full replacement can last up to 30 years making the inexpensive job a lengthy burden if it becomes too much of a hassle for the homeowner.

Wooden shingles are a bit more expensive than asphalt, but it has more of an advantage to the home.

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They are not easily damaged from severe weather conditions, and they add a unique rustic appearance. However, wood is more susceptible to conditions that allow mold and mildew to take over. Cleaning needs to be done regularly, and it may require a costly professional treatment with chemicals if contaminants are resilient. Wooden shingles can last up to 50 years, but most homeowners have it replaced sooner due to the changing appearance over time.

Slate shingles or tiles are great for all types of climates because they are extremely durable. The extra investment can actually last longer than the lifetime of the homeowner if installed properly. Less expensive alternatives do not have the same durability, but offer the same attractive look to finish the home. Replacing old asphalt or wooden shingles can come at an additional fee if the home is unable to support a big increase in the weight of material. Always have a professional roofer evaluate the condition of the home to be sure that slate is an option without additional home improvements.

Cover all of the bases and compare every aspect when choosing a material for a full roof replacement. Asphalt may be the best option in a pinch when money is limited. More durable and unique materials come at a higher price, but can equal out to the same value as they take much longer to require replacement. Consult your local Summerville experts to make the best decision for your home.

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