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Dry rot, also known as wood rot, is a fungus that could grow on the wooden components of your Mount Pleasant roofing system. Found mostly in areas of your roof that is poorly ventilated, it can remain dormant for a long period of time if the conditions for spreading is not just right.

Any wooden component that is exposed to the air has the potential to develop dry rot. However, the attic and the roof space are at risk due to any potential roof leaks. A leaking roof can cause the moisture content within the attic to become trapped, providing an excellent wet environment, perfect for the growth of moisture-loving organisms such as fungi.

Dry rot has distinct characteristics that make it easily identifiable. The fungus is typically on off-white color that grows on affected pieces of wood. If there is enough moisture, fruiting bodies may grow on the affected materials. These have the appearance of an orange or ochre-colored pancake that has wide pores.

If you touch the fungus, it has a light and fluffy feeling, much like felt or cotton. Additionally, the wood crumbles very easily if it is touched or held. The fungus growth could also cause the wood to shrink and form cuboidal cracks, or cracks that are square or rectangular. Affected wood may also feel powdery and soft.

The fungus has an incredibly spreading power. However, the fungus also brings moisture with it, causing further extensive damage.

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This resilient fungus can continue to grow and spread even if the leak itself is fixed. In some cases, the dry rot can spread before you even notice that there is a problem. Further, if you have the affected wood removed and the remaining wood treated, any remaining spores may still be viable for up to three years.

If you suspect that you have dry rot on your roof's wooden components, it is highly recommended that you contact a professional to treat the problem. What they'll do is remove the infected pieces of wood altogether. Due to its ability to spread, they may also remove some of the surrounding materials to make sure that they got it all. Any wooden pieces that are removed will be replaced with wood that has been specifically treated to resist future dry rot. Finally, any wood that was not replaced will be treated with an appropriate wood preservative.

Discovering that your wooden roof components have been affected by dry rot is not the end of the world. However, taking care of the problem as soon as it is discovered will keep the amount of damage that could potentially occur at a minimum. Additionally, having your new wood components treated against any new potential infestation will save you money and headaches in the long run.

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