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Recycling is common-place in the 21st century. Many of us carry our own shopping bags, eschew bottled water for tap water in reusable containers and drag recycling bins to the curb several times a month. People and businesses are constantly finding new ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. If you are a fan of reducing waste, an often overlooked way to contribute is when you are having your roof replaced. Mount Pleasant roofing companies are taking notice.

When seeking out a company to replace your old asphalt roof, be sure to ask if they are certified as a GAC Green Roofer and/or if they recycle old material on their jobs. GAC is one of the largest suppliers of roofing materials. Their certification ensures that you are dealing with a company that supports sustainable building practices with well-trained staff and their actual, on-the-job example. If a company does not have this certification, they may still employ sustainable building practices such as recycling of old material. Ask before committing.

In the United States alone, a combined 11 million tons of asphalt shingles are produced and disposed of every year. Your recycled asphalt shingles can become part of a new road in your town rather than simply taking up space in a landfill. Many companies also recycle the old nails from your roof. Replacing your roof is a big, expensive proposition. Why not make it a win for the environment as well as your home by hiring a company that will ensure your old roof is put to good new use?

Asphalt roofs are the most popular type of residential roofing material for a reason.

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Along with its ability to be reused, asphalt is affordable and relatively long lasting. Roofers like it because it is fairly light and installs quickly. Homeowners like it because of the wide range of colors and textures it affords. The roof vent is often designed to be hidden with asphalt shingles, increasing curb appeal. Because of its texture and variant color, asphalt is easy to maintain. Its fire resistance is another aspect of its appeal.

In the real world, homeowners must balance their budgets with their environmental consciences. While the affordable cost of asphalt roofing is certainly the cause of its popularity, asphalt technology has come a long way. The roofing industry is catching on to people's concerns. If you are looking at getting a new asphalt roof, look at shingles guaranteed for 40-50 years instead of the usual 20-30. Also, ask about new "cool roof" technology that allow asphalt roofs to reflect rather than absorb heat, thus lowering your energy bills.

No one wants the expense of a new roof, but with some research and planning, you can get excited about the future benefits to your family, your home and the environment.

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