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Mount Pleasant Roofing: Article About Roof Damage Caused By Animals

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Even the most devout animal lover will agree that animals do not belong on your roof or in your attic. Not only do they leave behind unsanitary messes and expensive damage to your Mount Pleasant roofing, but they can also be injured by electrical wires, metal nails and screws and other man-made items. Homeowners can take some measures themselves to prevent animals from entering their attic or house through their roof. However, sometimes, it is best to hire professionals to repair the damage they leave behind.

Because rats, squirrels, birds and raccoons are often uninvited guests, they cause some damage breaking into your home through the roof. One common entry point is the soffits. It provides the perfect protection from predators and severe weather. They can chew through or tear open the soffits to gain entry to the attic space, or they may gnaw through the screens or grates and enter through a soffit vent. They can also tear off siding or shingles and chew or scratch until they get through.

Rats and squirrels are constantly chewing to keep their teeth healthy. Chew marks are easy to spot on wood and wiring. Damaged electrical wires in your attic may be signs that an animal has taken up residence. They will also chew on wood surrounding their nesting site.

Other entry points that animals tend to use are gutter lines, vents, fans and chimneys.

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Soffit vents made of screen can be easily chewed by rodents. Although roof vents and attic fans are specifically designed to keep animals out, they are often compromised by determined squirrels or rats. Birds are known for nesting in gutters and unused chimneys. It is a good idea to keep gutters and chimneys well maintained to keep animals out.

It is important to deal with an intruding animal quickly before they cause serious damage. Besides the mess they leave behind, their entry point will often leave the inside of your attic open to water damage and other insects.

They will use this entry point over and over so their "signs" will not be far away. They may leave chew marks, droppings, nesting material and dark oil marks from their fur brushing up against the wood. One of the most important things for homeowners to do after the animals have been removed is to seal all the entryways.

Squirrels can also cause damage by scurrying across your roof. Their sharp claws can wear down your roof. These animals need a way to reach your attic. They often need to use the nearby limbs from surrounding trees and bushes to get on your roof. It is always advisable to keep limbs trimmed back away from the house for this reason.

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