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Like shingles and tiles, metal roofing comes in many stylistic flavors. Homeowners who want to upgrade their current Mount Pleasant roofing to realize improved energy efficiency or attain other practical goals are often pleased to discover that metal construction materials afford them a host of aesthetic options as well.

One of the major visual characteristics of a metal roof is its texture. Unlike wood or bitumen shingles, metal roofing can be formed to emulate a wide range of natural and synthetic materials. You can even find metal shingle-style roofing that matches traditional shingle patterns. Because they incorporate topcoat treatments complete with granules that look like stone, these roofs are nearly indistinguishable from their asphalt counterparts, and they're much lighter to boot.

Another cool aesthetic feature of shingle-style roofing is that the metal can be formed into a number of architectural designs. For instance, the Spanish tile roof you want to install may add undue stress to your home's rafters if you actually use weighty ceramics, but metal can create the exact same look in a mere fraction of the mass. This makes metal far more versatile, and the weight difference also helps installations go quicker.

Of course, you may choose not to work with a traditional shingle style at all.

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Although metal-panel roofing is most commonly found on commercial properties because it's largely flat, the regular appearance it adds to homes is a favorite choice of modern architects and homeowners alike. This roofing includes raised ribs every foot or so, allowing you to break up large exterior spaces with a minimal amount of visual fuss.

Color is also important, but fortunately, you've got way more options with metal than you would with composites. Metal roofing can be repainted to match any color you favor, but most homeowners simply go with products that already come galvanized and powder-coated or factory-finished. These industrial coloration jobs also impart the metal with advanced protection against weathering and UV radiation.

You may even decide to combine traditional roofing materials with metals to keep your costs low and enjoy the best of both worlds. Metals like copper can be expensive, for example, but if your current asphalt shingles are in good shape, you can just apply thinner copper laminates over your existing roof layers. This is a great, cost-effective way to add strength to your asphalt tiles and improve the building's overall ability to reflect sunlight.

Contrary to how other roofing materials work, most metals aren't restricted to a limited range of styles. Whether you decide to work with copper, aluminum, steel or other alloys, you should be able to find a manufacturer that offers a range of patterns, thicknesses, energy efficiency ratings and colors. You've got a lot more freedom of choice with metal roofing, so learn as much as you can before making a decision.

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