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As a homeowner, realizing that you have a leaky roof might be a nightmare. If the leak has been occurring for some time, you probably know that your home's structure might have taken a hit due to the presence of water and moisture. However, even if you are not particularly handy, you can perform fixes that will stop the water invading into your home until you can have your trusted Mount Pleasant Roofing contractor out to provide a full inspection of any damages that occurred.

Before you begin, there are several roof safety tips that you should always keep in mind. First, any repairs should only be done on clear, dry days. If you are going to be up on your roof, you should always have a secure anchor, such as a ladder framework, and wear appropriate, rubber-soled shoes to keep from slipping. Finally, make sure someone knows that you'll be working up high so that they can keep an eye on you and assist you quickly in the case of an emergency.

If your leak looks like it is caused by missing or damaged shingles, you can apply an emergency roof patch to the affected area. Using a putty knife, you can apply a generous amount of material called roof patch directly to the leak.

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You want to make sure that the patch is put into any crevices.

If the leak is too large for an emergency patch, you can also try to divert the water. When a leak occurs, the water may soak into the roof decking and run down the slope of your roof. The more roofing materials that become wet, the more damage is likely to occur. To provide a temporary fix for this, you can drive a nail through the leak. This will cause the water to run down the nail where it can be collected into a bucket. This keeps the damage under control under a permanent fix can be made.

If a damaged shingle is the cause of the problem, a temporary fix is incredibly simple. A piece of sheet metal that is larger than the damaged shingle can be placed over the leaking spot. This should temporarily keep the leak from causing any further damage.

Finally, if the leak is coming from an area where two surfaces connect, such as around the chimney or a vent pipe, you may simply need to replace the caulk. You will need to removed the old caulk before you begin applying the new material.

These fixes are only meant to be a temporary measure until you can have a professional visit for a full inspection. However, these fixes should halt any further damage to your roof until then.

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