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Don't wait until there is an issue with your Summerville roofing to perform repairs on your asphalt roof. Regular cleaning, maintenance and inspection should be done at least once a year at minimum. The best practice is to climb up when weather begins to change before the extreme highs and lows roll in and cause damage.

Asphalt shingles are easy to clean by sweeping off leaves and removing fallen debris. Not only are leaves unsightly, they can hold moisture after rain to eventually wear down roofing sealant. If you have gutters, make sure you are not ignoring materials that prevent water from flowing off of the roof correctly.

If gutters are one solid piece, make sure that algae is not forming inside allowing water to pool up. Sectional gutters also need an extra step of maintenance because seams can wear down causing water to leak onto the side of the home through the cracks. Clear off dirt and completely dry the seams before applying sealant on a clear day that no rain is expected.

After inspecting the gutters, do a thorough examination of every shingle on the roof. It may seem tedious, but it can go pretty quickly with an extra person. Make sure nails are all in place before securing loose shingles with roofing cement. Curling corners can be corrected with a dime-sized amount of roofing sealant.

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Place a brick on top so that it will dry flat. If more than a few shingles are curling, a professional needs to come out to find out exactly why. Torn pieces can also be corrected with roofing sealant if there aren't any holes missing. Spread sealant on both sides to ensure that it does not allow rainwater to soak through.

Heavy winds or fallen tree limbs may remove shingles that need to be replaced immediately. Use a pry bar to get any remaining pieces and nails left behind from the damage. Be ready with sealant, roofing nails and a replacement shingle to fill in the hole. Use the same process for shingles that have holes, blistering or irreparable damage.

The technique for installing asphalt tiles requires overlapping layers. To remove an old piece, the nails holding the higher piece must be removed. A pry bar is the easiest way to get underneath to break through the strip of sealant and raise nails. Unless they have become bent, nails can be reused on new shingles. Slide the new shingle into place before securing it with nails and a strip of sealant along the top edge.

A major advantage to having asphalt roofing tiles is the ease of maintenance and replacement. Additionally, it is a popular choice as far as cost is concerned. However, anyone that feels uncomfortable with climbing on the roof or doing repairs should hire a professional to complete the job for them.

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