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If you live in one of the many vintage homes in the region, your Summerville roofing or siding could be as old as you are, if not older. While there's nothing wrong with that cozy lived-in look, older siding simply doesn't cut it when it comes to energy efficiency or doing its job of keeping the elements out.

Many of the siding materials used decades ago weren't really made to last more than 20 to 30 years. As they get older, these substrates weather, taking serious beatings from the wind and water outside. These erosive forces reduce the thickness of siding materials and cause cracks to appear, making it impossible for such degraded fixtures to function as proper building envelopes.

A number of older homes in the area were originally clad in wood, fiber cement or asphalt shingle siding. These materials are formed as composites or made from raw organic materials, so they can easily wear down and split with time. You may even notice that your siding is bulging irregularly in some areas; this could indicate that it has absorbed moisture and become swollen as a result. Needless to say, it's not really serving its purpose.

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So, how do you upgrade your siding so that it keeps your heating and cooling energy inside while preventing the passage of outside moisture and organisms? In most cases, old siding has to be completely replaced to create a functional building envelope, but don't jump the gun and start pulling materials off of your home just yet. It's important to first consult with a roofer who can determine whether your siding contains hazardous materials that pose health risks.

Many older variants of fiber cement contained asbestos, a material now known to cause serious respiratory illnesses or even death. While these substances are generally safe if they're left undisturbed, environmental stresses can dislodge fragments and create a health hazard. Only licensed professionals should remove them.

Once your old siding is gone, you can select from a host of new exterior coatings. If you want to retain the old fiber cement look, for instance, you can go with a modern variant that incorporates wood or glass fibers. These boards can replicate the appearance of the resin-impregnated wood fibers used to create hardboard siding or even emulate traditional hewed wood planks.

Installing vinyl siding is a great way to achieve the visual appearance you prefer without having to do as much upkeep or pay extensive material costs. Vinyl lasts for decades without degrading or fading, and it can be installed way faster than many heavier substances. Other popular alternatives include synthetic stuccoes and aluminum siding; these materials are known for their durability and their ability to be color-matched to preexisting visual styles.

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