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When the time has come to replace an asphalt roof, many South Carolina homeowners make the switch to durable, energy-saving metal installations. Popular throughout the south, metal roofs provide several advantages over traditional asphalt shingle roofs, though the initial outlay for a high-quality metal roof can be double or triple the cost of asphalt tiles. Metal Summerville roofing can help keep your home cooler in a hot climate and normally lasts three to four times longer than a shingle roof.

Today's metal roofing is gaining increased popularity due to its many green aspects. In most cases, metal can be installed over the home's current roof, meaning you'll help cut down on waste in landfills. Metal roofing is also recyclable, leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

Installation of a metal roof will save on energy costs. Metal roofs keep your house cooler than traditional asphalt shingles because the heat absorbed by asphalt shingles streams into the structure and can raise the indoor temperatures up to 25 degrees. Today's engineered metal roofs are designed to reflect the sun's heat away from the building and can lead to energy savings of up to 50 percent, decreasing the need to run air conditioning and cooling systems, saving money and helping the environment.

More durable than asphalt shingles, metal installations are experiencing a boom in South Carolina, where hot, humid summers and high hurricane winds wreak havoc with asphalt shingles.

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Because traditional shingles are prone to curling, buckling and weakening over time, they require more frequent maintenance and earlier replacement in any climate. It's important to pick a high-quality product, as more affordable metal roofing may be commercial-looking, sub-standard or stark, decreasing your home's resale value.

For most people, the price of a metal installation will be a major consideration, as these roofs can cost two or three times more than a shingle roof. However, not only will the roof last longer and save on energy costs, homeowners installing these energy-efficient roofs may find additional tax credit options, insurance breaks and longer warranties. Metal also has a wide range of ENERGY STAR ratings for new construction.

No longer just the corrugated tin roofs of old, today's metal roofing comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, textures and colors that closely resemble traditional roofing materials, making them adaptable to any architectural style. Some are available in shaped tiles designed to resemble rectangular asphalt roofing. Metal roofing materials come in steel, aluminum, copper and stainless steel panels which are installed by matching panel seams and snapping or locking them together.

Your new metal roof may be guaranteed for 30, 40 or 50 years, making it a long-lasting investment. However, because of the cost of this type of roof, typically two or three times higher than a shingle installation, you may want to take into consideration how long you plan to stay in the dwelling. Additionally, the roofs of beach homes also take more of a beating from wind, salt and heat than those just a few miles inland, making over roof lifespan shorter.

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