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Very few things are as unsightly as seeing water stains on your ceiling or running down the wall. In addition to being unattractive, these water stains are often indicative of a much larger problem: a roof leak. One of the most difficult parts about fixing a leak in your roof is first finding where the leak is coming from. Once the leak is located, repairs are often easy to do. In many cases homeowners will use the services of a Summerville roofing contractor to help them with this work.

However, for those who want to do the work on their own, we are going to review some of the simple steps that can be taken in order to find a roof leak. It should be noted that for individuals who live in areas where there is heavy snowfall and cold weather during the winter, their leak may be the result of an ice dam.

Regardless of the reason for the leak, they should be dealt with immediately. Leaks that exist even for a short time can cause big, long-term problems. These problems would include mold growth, rotting framing and the destruction of insulation and ceilings. When dealt with right away, many roof repairs are inexpensive. However, when allowed to continue for a year or two, the cost for repairs increases dramatically.

The most obvious way to identify the source of a water leak in the roof is to look for running water. However, if the location of the leak is not evident, the next step would be to begin removing shingles in the area where the leak is suspected. What the little bit of detective work, the source of the leak can often be tracked down. Telltale signs of a leak would be discolored felt paper, wood that is water stained or even rotted.

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The first place to look when tracking a leak is uphill from where the stain exists. Look to see if the roof has been punctured by any foreign objects. Most of the time, these punctures are going to be the source of the leak. Focus attention on plumbing and roof vents. Also, check around chimneys and dormers. Look for anything that penetrates the roof, and then search in the immediate area around the penetration to find the source of the leak.

If you have attic access, an excellent way to find the source of the leak is to go up in the attic with a flashlight and just start looking around. Evidence of the leak will be easy to see. This will include black stains or black marks, mold and water stains.

If these steps do not reveal the location of the leak, it may be a good time to get the help of a friend. Have them go on the roof while you are inside of your home. Then have the individual on the roof use a water hose to slowly soak the roof. They should spend a few minutes around the area where you suspect the leak to be coming from. Every few minutes have them move a little farther up the roof.

Once the drip becomes visible inside of your home, inform your friend helping on the roof. This will signify that you are in the area where the leak is. Finding a leak on your roof can be a difficult process. However, the time and patience that you put forth searching for the leak is well worth it as it will help prevent more serious damage that could be expensive.

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