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Charleston Roofing: Article About Advantages and Disadvantages Of Pitched Roofs

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When homeowners are in the process of replacing their roofs, they have the option of going with the same materials and roof type they had before, or they may be interested in changing the roof. In some cases, homeowners who have flat roofs or sloped roofs may decide that they want to have a pitched roof installed. If this is the case, homeowners should contact their local Charleston roofing contractor to discuss this option.

Pitched roofs offer distinct advantages over other types of roofs. For example, if the pitched roof is properly installed, they can have longer life spans than flat roofs. This is because the materials that are used are generally more durable than the materials used on flat roofs. However, it is important to note that the shingles or other roofing materials will also affect the roof's life span.

A pitched roof also provides the homeowner with a loft space or an attic. If the roof's pitch is high enough, this space can be used for extra storage or even as another room. Additionally, a well ventilated attic space can also help keep the living space cool and less humid.

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Finally, many homeowners choose to install pitched roofs due to the way they look. Homeowners can design their roof so that it blends with the surroundings. The availability of tile, stone and various shingle types also means that homeowners can choose a look that works with the overall home design and improves curb appeal.

Like all roof types, pitched roofs also have some major disadvantages that should be considered before a decision is made. One of the biggest disadvantages is the expense of installing a new pitched roof. This is because the design of these roofs is often more complex, and more building materials are needed to provide the support for the roof. An additional disadvantage may be the foundation of the home. Because a pitched roof places a greater burden on the foundations of a home, certain residential buildings may not be designed to support these types of roofs.

Ultimately, determining if a pitched roof is right for a certain home can be difficult. Homeowners who intend to completely replace the roof with a different style or type should discuss their wants and needs with the roofing contractor. The contractor can help determine if the existing structure is strong enough to support the roof and if that type of roof is right for the home.

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