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The most popular residential roofing in America, asphalt shingles cover 80 percent of all homes in the country. Durable asphalt shingle roofs have plenty of benefits, and your experienced Charleston roofing professional may recommend them for your new roof. As you're considering your roofing options and discovering the many strengths of asphalt shingles, you may decide they're the best choice for your home too.

Hardy asphalt shingles are some of the most affordable residential roofing products available today. They cost less than half the price of clay tiles, concrete tiles and cedar shake shingles, and they are a small fraction of the cost of slate and metal roofing. In addition to their initial costs, asphalt shingles are easily repaired and replaced, making their lifespan expense extremely cost-effective.

Affordability only goes so far, though, in finding a roof that will enhance your home's appearance and provide a secure covering for your home. Luckily, asphalt shingles rate highly on those factors too. With countless designs, profiles and energy-efficiency options, asphalt shingles are far more versatile than nearly every other roofing option.

The style choices are nearly endless when it comes to asphalt shingles, ranging from various thicknesses to dozens of appealing colors. For an upscale look, architectural shingles provide many designer options in custom color palettes, dimensional designs, and innovative shapes and textures. You can even choose shingles with "cool" or reflective colors that improve your home's energy efficiency.

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Aside from the aesthetic appeal of asphalt shingles, their performance and stability also compare favorably to other roof types. They excel at protecting your home from rain and moisture, and they often carry Class A fire ratings. For areas like ours where occasional hurricanes and tornadoes are a concern, your professional roofer may suggest that you choose a shingle system that carries a high wind resistance for greater reassurance. For these situations, roof manufacturers offer shingles with wind resistance of up to 130 miles an hour.

Installation of asphalt shingles is relatively simple. Shingle manufacturers help speed installation with a variety of useful advances, including self-sealant shingles and shingles designed specifically for your home's ridges and hips. In some cases, your new shingle roof can even be applied directly on top of your existing roof.

Deciding on the best roof for your home can be difficult, but you can consult with your knowledgeable local roofer to help guide you to the types of shingles that best suit your home and the Charleston climate. A roof is probably one of the biggest investments you will make in your home, so work together with your professional roofer to find the roofing system that meets your home's needs.

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