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Without the proper ventilation, attic spaces can become extremely hot and humid. This can cause serious damage to the roof over time and even affect the living space if the humidity level rises enough. Ensuring that the attic space has enough ventilation is one major way to prevent this.

While windows and skylights that open can certainly help ventilate the attic, it is important that the home has the right amount of vent space and vents to help regulate the attic humidity during rain showers and humid days. There are four main types of vents: ridge vents, soffit vents, gable vents and box or dome vents. A Charleston roofing contractor may be able to help homeowners determine what the best ventilation system is for their roof or find a way to increase the air movement throughout the attic space.

A ridge vent is a single vent that runs along the ridge of the roof. This vent allows the warm air to escape into the atmosphere instead of becoming trapped in the ridge area of the attic. Soffit vents, which are designed to take in air, are installed in the eaves. When a ridge vent and soffit vents are used together, they create an effective ventilation system that allows air to move freely and continuously through the attic space.

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Gable vents are often found on homes that have a straight wall in the attic space. Like ridge vents, these vents are usually placed high in the wall in order to let the hot air that collects near the roof to escape. These vents also help reduce the risk of fires if the home has no other vent system because then the air can escape before extreme heat builds up. Finally, box and dome vents are installed directly on the slope of the roof and connect the attic space to the outside environment.

There are signs that the attic ventilation may not be enough for a home. If the attic remains too hot for too long, homeowners may soon face warped shingles and mold growing on the organic roof materials. If the problem is not caught immediately, the damage could become extreme enough that the roof needs to be replaced. Replacing an entire roof, including the sheathing, can be expensive. If homeowners see signs of roof damage, they should contact their trusted contractor so that the issue can be mitigated before it reaches this point.

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