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Because of the hazards associated with walking on roof, only a trained and experienced Charleston roofing professional should ever access and walk upon a homeowner's roof. This keeps damage to a minimum and prevents physical harm to a homeowner.

Whether for repair, inspection or installation, accessing the roof may have to happen on occasion. Under no circumstances should this be done by anyone other than a trained roofing professional. Expert roofers use specific materials and techniques for walking on the roof that protect themselves and the materials against unfortunate accidents.

Even during the inspection process, most of the work will often be accomplished by looking in the attic. Some roofers will state that it is not ever necessary to walk on the roof to get an accurate inspection of damage. All professionals agree that going up and walking upon the roof is not the first step of roofing inspection.

When it is necessary to access the roof, a professional will walk using a certain shoe and footstep to cause the least amount of damage to the materials. Walking with a hard or heavy step can cause the ripping of asphalt granules or tearing of wooden roofing shingles. Even the use of planks when walking upon a clay tile roof to more evenly divide the weight of a person is often done.

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These are all part of the trade and should not be attempted by homeowners.

The average homeowner may not realize the potential for damage that can occur just by walking on the roof. Harm can be done to the frame or eaves depending upon the point of access. If shingles or tiles are loosened or cracked, this creates a point of weakness where moisture can and will enter, creating an interior leak. Interior leaking can often go undetected for an extended period of time, leading to mold and other more serious problems.

Perhaps the most important reason to stay off of the roof is because of the possibility of harming oneself. The roof is hard to access in general, and once on the roof, the pitch creates a difficulty for balance even in dry conditions. In inclement weather, the roof will be more slippery and dangerous Without handrails or even harnessing, loss of balance can quickly lead to a serious fall even from a single-story home. Simply from the standpoint of protecting one's life and health, it is best to leave all work on the roof to professionals.

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