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Metal roof manufacturers have changed their product dramatically over the past few decades. When a Charleston roofing professional offers homeowners samples of metal roofs, there are dozens of styles and colors to choose from. Although residents may be wary about choosing metal instead of traditional shingles, strong metal is actually better for the environment for several key reasons.

The most obvious environmentally friendly reason to choose metal roofing is lifespan. Because metal lasts almost twice as long as shingles, there's no need to replace it and create waste. Shingle replacements alone create huge waste volumes that must be discarded appropriately. If a metal roof is replaced at some point, almost all parts are recyclable to make the entire process safe for the Earth.

Unlike other roof materials, metal can be purchased or painted later on with a light color. Beige, light brown and white hues are available for homeowners to match with their surrounding exterior decor. This light coloring reflects heat away from the home. As a result, the immediate property area isn't as warm as it would be with dark asphalt shingles, which naturally absorb heat.

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Reflecting radiant heat allows an entire property to have a comfortable temperature while contributing to a cooler worldwide environment.

This natural temperature control also translates to less air conditioning use indoors. Most air conditioners require a lot of electricity, contributing to fossil fuel use and environmental pollution. A cool roof actually reduces the heat inside the attic and the interior below. Residents will notice the air conditioner isn't needed on even the hottest days, reducing pollution throughout the roof's lifespan.

Certain roofing materials, including asphalt shingles, produce gasses. As materials break down slowly over time, gasses release into the atmosphere. Although these gasses are minimal pollution contributors, they add up with other shingle installations in the area. Metal roof material has already gone through extensive manufacturing. Any gasses the metal could emit have been released during the production process and filtered accordingly. With metal protecting the roof, gasses don't release to the surrounding air or into the home itself. Homeowners will know they're being green while preserving their own health indoors.

From standing seam designs to galvanized steel components, metal roofs offer many options to homeowners. Discuss all metal selections with the contractor to find the right fit for the home. Because the roof lasts for many decades with a metal configuration, choosing the right color and style is crucial to a successful installation.

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