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Charleston Roofing: Article About Essential Repair Steps After A Storm

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Storms are one of the top causes of roof damage. High winds, coursing rain, and pounding hail can really be detrimental to the integrity of a roof. When a tumultuous storm wrecks its havoc on a home, there are some steps a homeowner should quickly take to get their damaged roof repaired as quickly as possible with their trusted Charleston roofing professionals.

Most major damage can be spotted from the ground. When the storm clouds have lifted and there is no danger of lightning or any more storm activity, damage should be assessed from the ground. Getting on the roof when it's damaged is incredibly dangerous; there's no way to tell from below if the structure has been weakened. For insurance purposes, homeowners should take pictures of any damage. This includes things as small as missing, torn, or dented shingles.

If there's no visible damage to the shingles or tiles, that doesn't mean the roof made it through unscathed. A dented gutter or roof vent could indicate more severe damage. Damaged gutters can lead to backups, which then cause leaks. A damaged roof vent can also allow water to get inside and cause problems with mold or weaken the structure of the roof. Windows may suffer damage as well.

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While inspecting the roof, windows should be checked over for cracks, loosened weather stripping, and torn screens.

Since homeowners shouldn't be getting on their roof post-storm, they should get inside their attic and look for any signs of water leaking or spotting. Even if there's no visible damage from the outside, wind and hail could have caused small leaks that could lead to bigger problems down the road. Homeowners shouldn't forget to check their light fixtures for water leaks too.

After a big storm, there will be "roofing professionals" crawling out of the woodwork to make some quick cash. Many homeowners fall for the ruse because they're shaken from the storm and want to get their home fixed in a hurry. It's important to remember that hiring unlicensed contractors can sometimes lead to insurance claims being denied. Whoever is hired, they should give thorough and complete estimates, provide proof of their licenses, and have a list of credible references.

Storm damage can be incredibly stressful, especially when it isn't limited to just roof damage. In the event of a major storm, using a trustworthy roofing company will make the reparations that much easier and give the homeowner peace of mind.

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