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If you are serious about keeping your roof in excellent condition, one of the most important things you can do is check for roof leaks. A Charleston roofing company will be able to identify and resolve roof leak issues. This is the first step toward maintaining an aesthetically appealing roof that is structurally intact. By learning more about how to identify a roof leak, you will be able to keep your roof in excellent condition.

As you may have learned by experience, fixing a roof leak can be expensive and inconveniencing. Fortunately, there are some leaks that are relatively easy to predict, especially if your roof is aging. Once you identify areas that are likely to develop problems, you can begin taking steps towards preventing roof issues.

One place you should definitely look in order to locate a roof leak is penetrations. Oftentimes, sealants and flashing located at penetrations through the roof membrane are problem areas. Generally, single-ply roofing systems have penetration flashing comprised of the same material as the roof membrane. To identify roof leaks, check the sealants, seams and laps at these locations on a regular basis.

In addition to checking your penetrations, you should be sure to examine your roof drains.

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Your roof drains are potentially problematic because falling rain will eventually flow over the seal of the drain. With this fact in mind, it is important that your drain be large enough to cope with intense rainfalls. Your drain should also come with a screen that can prevent debris from making its way through your pipe. Additionally, you should be sure that your drain is cleaned regularly in order to prevent screen blockage.

As roofing professionals know, roof leaks can happen near roof edges. Since this is the case, the experts who work on your roof should make sure that the sheet-metal laps are shedding water. They should also conduct an inspection of the sealants on a regular basis. In addition to taking place at the perimeter, water problems can transpire around the expansion joints of roof perimeters.

In some cases, roofs may look like they're leaking in a winter month like January when the temperature is freezing. However, the roof is not always leaking. In fact, condensation can often be created when the moist, warm air from inside your home comes in contact with a cold surface. This problem can often surface as a result of inadequate ventilation or insulation or a missing vapor retarder or air barrier. Since this is the case, it is important that cold areas located above the insulation in attic spaces or joist cavities be vented.

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