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Charleston Roofing: Article About How To Repair Gutters and Downspouts

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A properly installed gutter and downspout function by directing water away from your roof once it's dripped down the slopes and towards a designated area. When a gutter has been damaged or is quite loose, you're likely to run into issues regarding water collecting in or around areas of your home that can cause substantial damage. While hiring a Charleston roofing contractor may seem like the ideal way for you to get the repair assistance you want, it could exceed the amount of money you'd like to spend, and you may prefer doing the work on your own. Becoming familiar with the steps involved in repairing both the gutter and the downspout can ensure that these tasks are completed successfully.

Replacing a faulty or damaged gutter is your best option since making repairs can be close to impossible unless the issue you're experiencing is looseness. Taking measurements of the gutter pipe will help you become familiar with what you'll need to purchase when visiting a home improvement store. By knowing the size you'll need for your roof, you can be confident that the gutter fits tightly without any issues.

Use a hacksaw to customize the pipe to fit properly around the edge of your roofing and down the side to ensure you have the ideal size that works best for your home. A crimping tool should also be used to ensure that the piping will squeeze into the elbow of the gutter properly for corners.

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Once you have the gutter piping and elbows ordered and customized properly, you'll need to attach the pipe to your home. By using straps and rivets to make sure that everything fits snugly, you won't need to be concerned about the pipe becoming loose anytime soon after the installation.

Lining up the end of the gutter with a downspout is essential since it will assist in directing water away from your home and towards the selected area. Whether you choose to install a rain barrel underneath the spout to catch water for gardening and other landscape work or you would rather go without, it's important to assemble the downspout correctly so that it will function as it should. Testing the gutter by pushing down with your hands will help you determine if the gutter will be able to support the weight of water and any debris that may be trapped inside throughout the year.

Taking care of repairing the gutter and the downspout on your own can be simple if you take the time to make accurate measurements and ensure that you have all of the proper tools. New piping and the various tools needed are generally quite affordable, and the task of replacing the gutter should take no less than a few hours if you have assistance with the installation.

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