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A host of factors go into selecting a new roof, ranging from cost and style to sturdiness and maintenance. Many homeowners, though, don't think to question a roof's performance in hot, humid weather like Charleston's. Between the windy, rainy springs and the hot, moist summers, area roofs take a beating, and it's important to choose a roofing system that will be able to handle all of that moisture and heat easily.

Luckily, today's innovative roof systems are well-prepared for the challenging weather conditions in the South. Your experienced Charleston roofing contractor is your best bet for helping you select a roof that does well in the local climate. Understanding your options before you consult with your roofer can help speed your decision-making process and can get you started on a smart path to choosing a new roof.

Your best option in these weather conditions is a clay or concrete tile roof. Concrete tiles provide outstanding heat resistance, lowering temperatures 40 to 50 percent on rooftops. Since the tiles aren't absorbing as much heat, they are not transferring as much heat to your living space. This lowered-temperature reduces your home cooling costs and helps to provide you with a comfortable interior. Concrete tile roofs also shed water well and have good ventilation around individual tiles to promote drying and air flow.

Have a question regarding metals roofs or shingle roofs? Ask a roofing contractor at Lowcountry roofing of Charleston SC.

Today's tile roofs provide a wide range of style and colors and are manufactured to suit many different architectural styles.

Building experts have also seen excellent results with metal roofs and metal tile roofing in hot, humid regions. Rust-resistant and waterproof, they discourage mold and are able to resist high winds.

The most popular residential roof type in America, asphalt shingles also offer good options. Affordable and efficient, traditional asphalt shingles offer superior water resistance, are manufactured to withstand extreme temperatures and are available in cool roof options. Their sweeping range of styles, colors, thicknesses and designs make them suitable for every budget and home style. To get the most protection from your asphalt shingles, choose a style that is coated to prevent mildew and mold growth. An even better option is a fiberglass shingle roof. Fiberglass shingles excel in moist, hot weather and provide terrific fire resistance.

In addition to the type of roofing material, the color and quality of your roof can make a difference as well. Darkly colored roofs absorb summer's intense heat and transfer that heat to your home's interior. To prevent this, choose roofs with cool, light colors or roofs that are highly ranked by the Cool Roof Rating Council.

Keeping your roof cool and dry is a priority, and you can help the process along by making a smart choice about your roofing type and color. Talk to your local, trusted roofer about other types of roofs that offer good protection and performance in the Charleston area.

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