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Charleston roofing contractors have long appreciated the value of a low sloped metal roof, especially on commercial buildings. Metal roofs are valuable because they provide effective protection from outdoor elements as well as a smooth and resistance free surface for water draining from the roof. Metal is waterproof, so it keeps the contents of a building and its occupants dry.

Other favorable qualities of a low slope metal roof are that it requires little to no maintenance, is lightweight, provides excellent wind resistance, has longer than average longevity and is relatively inexpensive to replace. Owing to the material's durability and reliability, manufacturers of low slope metal roofing offer their products to customers with a 20 to 40 year warranty.

Commercial property owners value metal roofs because, in addition to minimizing repair and maintenance expenses, they can contribute to LEED credits. These credits are given to buildings that are constructed using recycled material or "green" building techniques. On average, a low sloped metal roof has approximately 25 percent recycled content. At the end of their usefulness, metal roofs are 100 percent recyclable.

Metal roofs can increase the energy efficiency of a building.

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When a heat deflecting coating is applied, a building's energy costs can be cut by up to 40 percent.

Low slope metal roofing material is lightweight. On average, it weighs between 40 and 140 pounds for every square foot of material. This means that the material ranks among the lightest roofing material available. It will put less stress on the structural integrity of the building it is installed on. This quality is especially important for areas that have frequent earthquakes.

Most nonmetal roofing systems need an underlying substrate or deck. This is not necessary with a low slope metal roof. These can be installed directly above bar joists or purlins. They are installed using an interlocking connecting system that prevents severe wind from causing uplift.

Metal roofing products are extremely versatile. They can be purchased with different textures, and they are made from a variety of materials in as many different colors as a building owner would want. High performance and high durability coatings are added to metal roofs to protect them from the elements.

Installing a metal roof on a building is not a new technique. In fact, metal roofing first began centuries ago but is still a viable option today. Metal roofs provide an inexpensive, low maintenance and environmentally friendly free roofing solution for building owners.

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