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Charleston roofing professionals have seen firsthand how important it is for homeowners and business owners to choose the right roofing material for their home or business. There are many options available for building owners who want to install a metal roof. The most common metals used are steel, aluminum and copper. Each one of these metals has unique properties that determine how durable they are, how much they will cost and what their aesthetic value is.

Steel and aluminum are the two metals most commonly used in residential and commercial roofing. Steel is heavy and durable. Roofing manufacturers have fabricated a wide range of products and finishes, including zinc coating, to protect steel roofs from rust and corrosion. From there, an epoxy primer is added, and an acrylic coating is baked on for additional protection. This gives the steel a unique color. Steel roofing is usually used on commercial buildings.

A stainless steel roof is another high end metal roofing option. It will never corrode or rust. Terne coating is typically added to the steel to give it a gray finish.

Aluminum is much lighter than steel. It is used in both commercial and residential roofing. Aluminum does not rust. However, unless it is coated or painted, it can have a harsh and unattractive appearance.

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The coatings that are used on aluminum roofing material are very similar to those used on steel. One downside to aluminum is that it can easily dent and is nowhere near as rigid as steel.

For individuals who are willing to spend a little bit more money, there are high end roofing metals available. One example of this is copper metal roofing. Copper roofs will not rust, they do not need a finish, they will never scratch or peel, and they are malleable enough to be formed into any shape. Over time, copper roofs will develop an aesthetically pleasing verdigris patina. The downside of copper roofing is that it is expensive.

Other high end roofs are made from a metal alloy. These roofs are designed to be strong, be attractive and have exceptional durability. The cost for a metal alloy roof will depend on the materials used. However, as a group, they are fairly expensive.

There is no such thing as a one size fits all metal roof. Building owners will need to take into consideration factors such as the structure of their building, local building codes, their budget and aesthetic value when selecting a metal roofing material.

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