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Determining the condition of roofs based on appearance is not easy. Roof repair or replacement is arguably the most expensive investment a homeowner may face. The goal of roof inspections is to uncover potential problems and to gauge the remaining life of the roof system. These inspections can be performed by the individual or professionals such as Charleston roofing contractors.

Roof inspection involves looking at the roof angle and determining the evaporation rate. Generally, an acceptable evaporation rate is 48 hours. Weakened areas should be noted as they may indicate rot and leaks. Shingles should be inspected to ensure they are securely fastened and in good condition. Materials used to construct the roof should be assessed and a rate of deterioration determined. The time since the roof system was installed should also be taken into consideration.

Moisture is the enemy of any home and its causes must be alleviated. It is important to note and to be on the lookout for common problems such as weak rafters and sagging areas. Shingle particles accumulating in gutters are a good sign of excessive deterioration. Missing flashing and depressions around pipes may indicate leaks. Inadequate drainage for air conditioning units can be a potential problem area. The roof must also have proper ventilation to ensure moisture can evaporate properly.

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Roof maintenance is critical after an inspection is performed. Problem areas should be addressed. Missing or broken shingles should be replaced. Leaks should be fixed and moisture damage should be repaired. If a total replacement is necessary, it is wise to complete a thorough inspection of the roof's sub-structure before the new installation.

An inspection should be performed before purchasing a home. Roof systems have the ability to incur large costs and may affect the purchase price of the home. If the roof is found to be in need of repair or replacement, it must be determined if it is to be addressed by the seller or passed on to the buyer.

Roof inspections are a critical factor affecting the cost of owning a home. They help extend the lifespan of a roof and ensure extended warranties remain in effect. All homeowners should establish periodic inspection routines. It is advisable that they check their roofs yearly. The sooner problems are detected, the less time consuming and expensive they will be. Because roofing systems can be somewhat complex, a professional roofing contractor should be consulted or employed to ensure a quality inspection procedure.

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