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Sadly, most property owners take their roof for granted until it's a problem. Adopt a new habit this year. When you move your clocks forward this spring, make time to inspect your roof. Do the same in the fall. Don't let your roof take you by surprise.

There is no reason that property owners cannot inspect their own roof. If you choose this option, take some basic precautions. Check your ladder for defects before you begin. Get a new ladder if need be. Place the ladder on level ground. For every 4 feet in eave height, the ladder should be angled 1 foot away from the building. Secure the ladder to the house -- remember Chevy Chase hanging from the gutter in the movie Christmas Vacation?

If it makes you more comfortable, or if you suspect problems, contact a Charleston roofing company to perform the inspection for you. Be certain to get the roofer's information before anything else. Ask for a tax identification number, proof of insurance and references. If the roofer won't provide this information, find a new roofer.

The inspection addresses four key areas. Begin in your attic. Look for signs of leaking. Check the rafters for sagging or cracking. Head outside and look at your gutters, from the ground and from your ladder.

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Are they loose or bent? Are they filled with granules from your shingles? The granules protect your roof from the sun's rays and add weight to shingles. Look at your chimney. Is the flashing around it buckled or damaged? This can allow water to seep into your house, causing structural damage and mold. Finally, look at the shingles themselves. Do you see curling edges, bumps or blisters on the shingles?

If your inspection turned up nothing serious, pat yourself on the back. Make a note of the inspection and file it away with your other property information. If your inspection did not yield happy results, it's time to call in the professionals. Arrange for a home visit. If repairs or replacement are suggested, ask for a written bid along with any guarantees the company offers. Be sure to ask about the materials to be used on your new roof and how long you can expect them to last. It is prudent to get at least two estimates on a new roof or substantial roof repair. Be sure you check references and that you feel comfortable with the person in charge of the project.

No one wants to face the expense of a new roof. Regular roof inspections can help you avoid being taken by surprise. When you do need a new roof, do your homework, hire a reputable, established company, and rest assured that you are making a long-term improvement to your property.

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