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Awash in a sea of shingle types and colors, you may be focused on the cost of your new roof and how it will enhance the beauty of your property. You may also be thinking about the durability and composition of the roof, but few people consider one of the most important and valuable aspects of a roof: the warranty.

Most roofs are a considerable investment in their own right. When you consider that those roofs protect even greater investments in your home or office, it is clear that you need to ensure that your roof is intact and functional at all times. That's where a good warranty comes in.

As with most documents filled with fine print, not all warranties offer iron-clad protection, so it's important to understand your options and what to expect with a roof warranty.

The type of roof you choose affects the length and type of warranty available. For some companies, architectural asphalt shingles come with a lifetime warranty, while more-affordable three-tab shingles carry 20-, 25- or 30-year limited warranties. Metal roofs often include 40-year warranties, and tile roofs typically carry limited lifetime warranties.

Your Charleston roofing contractor may offer its own warranty that covers the installation of the roof. Many consumer experts consider these types of warranties a gamble since they depend upon the roofing contractor being in business long enough to handle any necessary repairs or issues. This is yet another reason why it's important to pick a roofing contractor that has a solid reputation for longevity, quality installation and continuous customer service.

To really protect the value of your roof, take a look at the many warranty options offered by your roof's manufacturer. In general, roof manufacturers offer two types of warranties: those that cover only the roofing materials and those that guarantee the materials and the installation.

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Materials-only warranties solely cover the cost of replacement materials. Under these types of plans, the homeowner or business owner is responsible for the labor costs associated with the actual installation and repairs.

On the other hand, warranties that cover both materials and labor are usually a much better value since labor costs usually account for at least half of the expense of a new roof. To be eligible for this type of warranty, homeowners need to use a factory-approved roofing contractor. Roofing manufacturers identify these approved contractors with varying labels. For GAF roofs, look for Master Elite contractors; for Owens Corning roofs, Preferred and Platinum Preferred contractors are covered and CertainTeed approves credentialed contractors.

A side benefit of using an approved contractor is that the roof manufacturer has already vetted the contractor's skill, experience and quality. Since installation is responsible for more than two-thirds of a new roof's problems, it's important to choose a contractor like Lowcountry Roofing that is credentialed by many roofing manufacturers and holds many other quality certifications.

In addition to the two general warranties, roof consumers can often purchase most other warranties that cover things like extra component coverage, extension of non-prorated periods and extension of the entire warranty. Be sure to check with your roof factory or contractor to find out the entire range of warranties available for your selected roof.

A host of issues and conditions are not covered by warranties, and roof owners are tasked with a variety of responsibilities to maintain the warranty's validity. See our other warranty-information pages to find out typical warranty exclusions, warranty transfer issues and your maintenance responsibility.

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