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Important decisions about your roof are not finished once you've made your roof selection. Before your experienced Charleston roofing contractor installs your roof, take a look at your warranty options. These policies are an important protection for your home, your roof and your investment, and it pays to understand all of the policy's limitations, exclusions and requirements.

There are many types of roof warranties available to you as a consumer. Warranties may be offered by your roofing contractor as well as your roof's manufacturer. Your roofer's warranty will only cover installation defects while the factory's warranties will cover only materials or materials and installation. Most experts recommend that homeowners select the manufacturer's dual materials and installation warranty for its better value and coverage. If you choose this option, the manufacturer requires that you use one of their pre-approved roofing contractors in your area.

Manufacturers usually offer these materials-and-installation warranties free of charge to homeowners, along with some extended, paid options. The length of coverage partially depends on the type of roof you've chosen. Lifetime and limited lifetime warranties are often available for tile roofing and architectural shingles while regular three-tab shingles can come with limited warranties that are valid from 10 to 30 years.

You will receive your warranty paperwork from your roofer once the roof is installed. Make sure you register it with the factory and carefully read the exclusions and coverage. Many policies exclude damage caused by earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters but may cover destruction caused by severely high winds.

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Blistering, consequential damages and making alterations to the roof without the factory's approval usually are not covered.

When your roof's damage is covered by the warranty, it may be covered at a pro-rated amount. For example, you may have full coverage for the first five years of your roof's life but then have only 70 percent coverage in the sixth year, 60 percent the seventh year and so on. One way to avoid pro-rated coverage is to look for a no-dollar-limit policy that covers labor and materials throughout the duration of the warranty.

To keep your policy valid, most manufacturers require that you perform regular roof maintenance. The easiest way to meet this mandate and extend the life of your roof is to schedule an annual maintenance appointment with your knowledgeable roofer. If you or your roofer spot a leak, warranties usually require that you notify the factory within 30 days of the discovery. Failing to notify the company may void your warranty.

The major roof manufacturers provide summaries of their warranty options online, so it's easy to research your choices ahead of time. Take a few minutes to review the various policies and ask your roofer for advice on what warranties best protect your roof investment. A good warranty can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in the long run.

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