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Having a roof collapse can be a traumatic, expensive and dangerous experience. Charleston roofing professionals encourage homeowners to do periodic inspections to identify any warning signs that a roof may be on the verge of a collapse.

There are many visual indicators of impending roof collapse. When a person looks at a building, they will see that it has very straight and very clean lines. When a sagging roof is noticeable from indoors or outdoors, this is an indication that the weight of the roof is more than what the rafters can support. Other visual clues will include sprinkler heads that have been pushed all the way down below the ceiling. Pipes and tubes that run along the ceiling may start to warp or to bend as the shape of the home's frame changes under the weight of the roof.

Doors and windows may also give telltale signs of an impending roof collapse. Doors that open on their own or doors that are difficult to close may be signs that the home's frame has begun to warp under the weight of the roof. When this happens, it is possible that windows may become difficult to open and close as well.

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There are audible warnings that a roof may be at the point of giving way. While it is normal for both new and older homes to creak and crack, if the popping sounds or the cracking sounds increase in frequency and in loudness when there is snow or other weight on the roof this is an indication that the building structure is under excessive stress.

Homeowners should immediately vacate their home if any part of their roof cracks or breaks. The same steps should be taken if windows inexplicably become impossible to open or they begin to shatter. If cracking or popping sounds from the home's structure become very loud or very frequent, vacate the building immediately.

In most cases, a roof collapse is caused by excessive debris or snow accumulation on the roof. In areas where heavy snowfall is common, homeowners may wish to purchase a snow rake that will allow them to remove a large portion of the snow buildup before warning signs appear. Homeowners should remember that snow rakes are metal, and so if they contact a power line, they will conduct electricity. It is recommended that homeowners attempting to remove snow from their roof avoid using ladders. If a homeowner feels uncomfortable working on the roof, it is best to call a roofing contractor or a professional snow removal service.

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