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Adding the right finishing touches to a roof takes more than just painting a fascia board to match the home trim or picking out a few attractive vent covers. A roof isn't truly complete until the right soffit and fascia materials are chosen and installed by a reliable Charleston roofing contractor.

They may seem like merely decorative touches, but roof soffits and fascia are vital parts of the entire roofing system. Protecting the vulnerable underside of the roof eaves from water damage, soffits provide important ventilation to the roof's attic and keep animals and birds from nesting in the eaves. Similarly, fascia boards and trim create a decorative and functional transition between the roof deck and soffit. They protect the edges of the roof from the elements and form an important link to roof gutters.

With these functions in mind, it's important for homeowners to select the soffit and fascia materials that best suit an individual home's needs, style and local climate conditions. Luckily, with today's diverse soffit and fascia products, homeowners won't have to sacrifice their home's style for their budget or for practical needs.

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One of the most popular choices for roof soffits and fascia trim is made of fiber cement which can be finished to match the home's siding color and style in various textures. The fabrication provides excellent protection for homes in humid climates because it resists rotting. Made of wood fiber, sand and cement, fiber cement soffits and fascia are extremely durable and offer excellent resistance to fire. They are also available in vented formats. They rarely bow, shrink or chip. Best of all, fiber cement soffits are one of the most affordable options available to homeowners.

Vinyl is also a popular choice for soffits and fascia because it is versatile, affordable and relatively simple for professionals to install. It is also available in a number of colors to suit the home's exterior color palette. Vinyl soffits and fascia are known for their ability to endure heat and moisture without degrading or becoming compromised.

Other options for soffits and fascia trim include traditional wood boards, aluminum, engineered wood, medium density overlay and a variety of other manufactured materials. Homeowners should keep in mind that many of these products may work for their homes, so it's best to consult with a trusted roofer. Local roofing professionals understand what homes in the area need to resist the elements, and they can help consumers select soffit and fascia materials that best fit their budgets, home styles and needs.

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