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There are many different types of tile roofs on the market, and they come in a variety colors and styles. While some aren't recommended for existing buildings, others cost more, last longer and are generally more environmentally friendly. Some tiles require more maintenance and others are almost maintenance free. Most roofing tiles, however, come with fire resistant safeguarding. An experienced Charleston roofing professional can help homeowners choose and install the best tile roofs for their homes. Presented here is some information about different varieties of tile roofs.

Slate tiles are often found on colonial, French and Italianate style homes. Since they're made of natural stone, they can last up to 150 years, and they have a beautiful, unique appearance. Not much maintenance is needed once these tiles are installed. The initial installation, however, can be costly. Since these heavy stone tiles often need extra structural support, they're usually used for new, well supported roofs as opposed to old and deteriorated roofs.

Synthetic tiles can look like any of the more traditional types of tiles. They are usually more durable and weather resistant than many natural materials, due to the special process by which they undergo manufacturing. Usually consisting of polymers or rubber mixed with fillers, most of these synthetic tile products come with a 50 year warranty.

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They're also easier to install than their natural counterparts. Since synthetic tiles are typically lightweight, they can be installed on many existing roofs without reinforcement.

Homeowners can easily install a lightweight metal roof over an existing roof. Metal tiles are available in copper, steel, tin or aluminum. They're especially suited for cottages, ranches, bungalows and modern homes, and many can be made to look like slate or cedar tiles. Metal tiles can withstand high winds, hail, rain and other extreme weather. The advantages of metal roofing systems are their lighter weight and their longevity, though they typically require regular painting.

Terracotta or clay tile roofs have been in use for thousands of years. They're especially popular in places with warm, sunny summers because they deflect the hot sun, saving homeowners money on air conditioning. Clay roofs are traditionally red, which is a moderately reflective color. However, clay roof tiles are also available in lighter, more reflective colors. Light colored roofs, also called cool roofs, are more reflective than dark colored roofs, and they can cool a home to the extent of a 70 degree difference in temperature. Also, many tiles have a curved, three dimensional shape. These are also called mission tiles or barrel tiles. Spaces filled with air between the tiles and the roof decking provide extra insulation that prevents heat from being transferred from the roof to the attic.

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