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Often, homeowners will wonder when they should replace old windows. Experts say that if a window no longer opens and shuts completely, if there is a draft or if the paint is chipping or peeling, these are all signs that it's time to replace the windows. Homeowners who are searching for replacement windows will find vinyl options on the top of their list of choices. The best vinyl windows offer easy care, noise reduction, added resale value and little maintenance.

Vinyl window manufacturers create frames from polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, with ultraviolet light ballasts to keep sunlight from wearing down the materials. The vinyl window frames require no repainting and resist moisture. Furthermore, homeowners can request insulation in hollow structures to conserve energy. It's important to note that a properly installed window casing will add to the energy efficiency of any substitute window.

A homeowner should be aware that replacing windows is not a do it yourself project. Due to the slightly thicker window frame that intrudes on the glass area, plastic windows require special tools for installation. Professional vinyl window installers who work at Charleston roofing companies are trained experts in sizing, measuring and adjusting vinyl replacements windows. In addition, homeowners cannot purchase alternate windows at a local hardware store as those stores carry only new construction windows.

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A trustworthy installer can locate replacements sashes that can save money and add to the home's appeal.

Window installers can help a property owner choose the correct alternative product that will match the facade of an older home. Current vinyl materials come in many colors, including the traditional tan and white options. Also, plastic manufacturers can produce inventory to resemble wood grains, which come in a variety of styles such as casement, bay, awning, bow and double hung windows.

Vinyl window materials do not originate from static ingredients that decay or attract insects, like carpenter ants or termites. Thus, the sashes are durable, especially when related to wood frames, and are weather resistant.

Finally, the best advantage of a vinyl replacement window is the glass. Exchanging single paned windows with thin glass for double paned windows with thicker glass suggests that the new windows will be tougher to break during a robbery attempt or household accident. Furthermore, homeowners can inquire about installing locking mechanisms or placing two locks on windows of a larger size. Windows that include the vent locks also offer a higher degree of security.

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