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Protecting your roof so that it can properly shelter you and your family or business takes a little bit of research. If you've read the overview of roof warranties, you know that not all of them provide equal protection. From exclusions and pro-rated contracts to your responsibility as an owner, it's important that you understand exactly what your warranty entails so that you can select the policy that works to your advantage.

First, it's vital to consult with industry experts who have experience with many different roof manufacturers and their products. Check with your professional Charleston roofing contractor for suggestions and advice about available warranty programs. Ask about their experiences with manufacturers when warranties have been used. Be sure to find out what types of issues and weather hazards are most likely to make your roof vulnerable so that you can better select an appropriate warranty.

Once you've heard your roofer's advice, research your roof manufacturer's warranty options. Often, the manufacturer will offer one or two very good complimentary warranties that cover a range of conditions.

In general, roof warranties exclude a number of events. Most notable among these exclusions is

damage caused by natural disasters or "acts of God" such as tornadoes, severe wind storms, electrical storms, earthquakes, floods and hurricanes. Others exclude damages caused by other conditions such as ponding or blistering.

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Most also exclude alterations made to the roof without notifying the manufacturer, damage to accessories such as counterflashings and pitch pans and consequential damages to other parts of the building as a result of roof leaks.

In addition to the usual exclusions, many warranties pro-rate the amount of damages covered based on the number of years you have owned your roof. This means that all of the costs to repair your roof are not covered every year of your warranty. While each manufacturer and warranty addresses the pro-rating differently, they usually offer full repair coverage for the first few years and then steadily decrease the coverage each year after that time.

One way to eliminate the worry that a pro-rated warranty may cause is to select a no-dollar-limit, or NDL, policy. These usually cover materials, labor and installation defects throughout the life of the warranty. These NDL policies can vary, so it's a good idea to double-check the coverage before purchasing. Hybrid warranties that are part pro-rated and part-NDL are also occasionally offered by manufacturers.

Once you select your warranty, read it carefully so that you understand your own responsibilities.

Most warranties require that homeowners have regular maintenance performed on their roofs and that the manufacturer pre-approve any repairs and roofing contractors. Nearly all policies require that you notify the manufacturer in writing within 30 days of discovering a leak.

Excellent manufacturing procedures and expert installation usually ensures that your roof will last a long time, but a warranty can give you extra peace of mind that your investment is protected. For more information about roof warranties, talk to your knowledgeable roofing contractor.

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