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Charleston Roofing: Article About What To Ask Before an Inspection

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Many homeowners have little experience when it comes to identifying signs of damage on their roof. They might notice some cracks forming in the ceiling, a leak in the home or what looks like a few missing shingles. A roof inspection is one of the best ways for homeowners to get to the root cause of the problem and find out if their roof needs repairs. Charleston roofing companies can provide this initial inspection, but homeowners should have some idea of what questions to ask before scheduling an inspection.

One of the most important questions they should ask is about what the inspection includes. Will the company or contractor check the flashing, chimney, underlayment and other parts of the roof? Does the inspection cover the gutter and downspout system as well? A roof consists of more parts that just those seen with a quick once over. Homeowners need to ensure that the company examines all parts of the roof.

Homeowners may also want to know how long the process will take, especially those with busy schedules. A simple inspection might take just an hour, while in depth inspections can take a few hours. Some companies may agree to inspect the roof while the homeowners are at work or away from the house and leave a report of their findings behind.

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A general inspection should include a written and detailed report. This report must include all the damage and problems the contractors found. Many homeowners find it helpful to ask how long it will take before they receive a copy of that report. Though some companies will give clients a copy on the spot, others require that clients wait 24 hours or longer. This gives the inspector time to write up a detailed report and include an estimate.

It's also important that homeowners ask if the company has liability insurance. The best companies in the country have insurance that covers employees working on job sites. If the worker slips and falls or suffers any type of injury, the company's insurance will kick in and cover the medical bills. Insurance may also cover damage done to the home or the roof caused by contractors working on the roof.

Buckling, cracked tiles, rusted flashing and torn underlayment are some of the more common problems found on homes, but many homeowners cannot see that damage for themselves. An inspection identifies all signs of damage and may include an estimate for the cost of the needed repairs.

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