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According to the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory, nearly half of a home's heating and cooling energy is lost through its windows. That is why many homeowners who want to cut their monthly operating costs and conserve energy decide to install energy efficient replacement windows. Many Goose Creek roofing companies also offer replacement window installation. They can help homeowners decide which windows are the most suitable for a home's architectural style and which replacement windows offer the best cost to savings ratio.

The first types of energy efficient windows had two panes of glass with a layer of air between them. These windows were a huge advance over single paned windows, but technological advances have come a long way since then. Even now, advances in thermal windows continue to increase as homeowners' demands for energy efficiency, function and beauty drive researchers to find solutions to the energy wasting properties of traditional windows.

Homeowners can choose from a variety of replacement windows. The combination of several technologies creates windows that are able to keep the home's interior comfortable and beautify the home's exterior. The best thermal windows have two or three layers of low-E glass with a neutral gas sealed between the panes.

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These windows, also called vacuum seal windows, also utilize various transparent coatings on the glass to prevent the sun's ultraviolet rays from fading carpet and upholstery. Other coatings filter out the sun's infrared rays, the ones that transmit heat.

The replacement window's framing should also be taken into consideration. Heat can be lost through the window's frame as well as the glass if the wrong materials are used. Solid wood frames are excellent insulators. However, they are prone to expand and contract with changes in temperature which could compromise the seal, releasing the gasses sandwiched between the panes of glass. Replacement thermal windows with synthetic or vinyl frames may be the best choice. They do not transfer heat in or out of the house the way aluminum frames do. They do not expand or contract as much as wood does. This preserves the vacuum seal and allows the windows to function as they were meant to.

Windows that insulate as well as walls while still allowing a perfect view could be the next advance in energy efficiency. Since late 2013, researchers at the NREL have been working on an insulating film that could be applied to a window's surface. The experimental film uses nanotechnology to create vacuum capsules filled with an inert gas that are invisible to the human eye. Vacuum sealed windows sporting the new film, low-E coatings and energy efficient framing could obtain an R-20 rating, the same or better than most insulated walls.

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