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Thanks to modern engineering, roofing manufacturers are able to produce an impressive array of high tech materials that mimic the look and quality of traditional slate tiles. The sheer variety of faux slate roofing options can be overwhelming to homeowners. There are many things to consider beyond the look before deciding on a product, and knowing what questions to ask a Goose Creek roofing contractor will make sure the best option is selected. Not all faux slate tiles are appropriate for a given roof.

The first things homeowners should consider are the impact and fire ratings. This covers more than the material's flammability; it also denotes how well it protects the decking below and whether it releases hot embers when aflame. Natural slate, being made of stone, is rated class A. Lower quality materials are rated class B or C. Faux slate materials come in all three ratings. Homeowners should always find out the fire rating because products can be installed between the tiles and the decking to raise the rating.

Impact ratings range from 1 to 4 with 4 being the most resistant.

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The impact rating considers many types of damage resulting from falling objects, but it's particularly important for homes in areas prone to hail, the leading cause of material failure from impact. Faux slate made from flexible material such as rubber or plastic is typically the most resistant to this type of damage.

Installation is another important factor homeowners should consider both when selecting the material and choosing a contractor. Many types of imitation slate come with special installation instructions from the manufacturer. In many cases, they are still simpler and faster to install than traditional slate, but failure to follow the directions exactly can result in a shorter lifespan, voided warranty or poor aesthetics.

In terms of aesthetics, traditional slate tiles are not uniformly gray. Some manufacturers produce their faux slate tiles with similarly varied coloration to add detail. This requires the installer to carefully mix the different shades across the roof to achieve a natural look. As with all products that attempt to replicate a natural material, the look of faux slate is completely objective. It is definitely a good idea, when possible, for prospective buyers to look at some completed jobs to get an idea of what the finished product will look like. Speaking to the manufacturer and an established local contractor should provide some examples to view before committing.

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