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Goose Creek Roofing: Article About Preventing Ice Dams

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Any home that is located in an area that gets freezing temperatures is susceptible to the damage that ice dams can cause. Fortunately, there are things homeowners can do to help prevent the formation of ice dams and reduce the risk of damage to their roof.

In order to prevent ice dams from forming, it is important that a roof does not have sections that are inconsistent in temperature. The temperature at the top ridge should be consistent with the temperature at the eaves. If a homeowner has experienced problems with ice dams in the past, it's time to call in a professional Goose Creek roofing contractor to help determine the exact cause and take steps to prevent any future problems.

One of the primary causes of ice dams is a lack of proper roof ventilation. A roof needs ventilation to keep it cool. This might seem counterintuitive, especially during the winter, but it is an essential part of keeping ice dams at bay. Vents and fans can draw cool air into the attic and prevent warm air from causing snow to melt on the higher sections of the roof.

Another important element to keep ice dams from forming is sufficient insulation in the attic. It is imperative that the R value of the insulation is sufficient for the local climate.

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Insulation helps maintain proper attic temperatures and keeps all sections of the roof at the same temperature.

Ice dams form when eaves and roof edges stay at or below freezing for a period of time. As snow melts from the ridge or upper sections of the roof, the water naturally flows down and off the roof; however, with the roof's edge still at or below the freezing point, the snow has not started to melt. As the water flows down, it has nowhere to go, and it freezes along the eaves and forms an ice dam.

The longer this goes on, the bigger the ice dam can get. At some point, water starts to work its way under the shingles and through the underlayment and roof deck. Once water starts damaging the decking and interior walls and ceilings, the homeowner will likely face expensive repairs.

Every home needs attic ventilation and insulation, but ensuring these are present in the right combination generally requires the expert services of an experienced roofing contractor. Homeowners can help protect their roof and minimize the chance of damage from ice dams by making sure their home is ready for winter.

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