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The roof of a home plays an integral part in its appearance. Some roof designs suit certain situations better than others. Knowing about different roof types helps homeowners in making informed decisions about their Goose Creek roofing project.

Three basic and traditional roof types are the flat, Mansard and gambrel roof. Most other roof types are variations of these types. When determining the shape of the roof, the pitch is an important factor.

Flat roofs have top and bottom chords that are parallel. They are nearly level. The pitch is about 10 degrees. They are used most frequently in arid climates where some people use them as a living space.

Mansard roofs are an attractive choice. They are French style roofs having four slopes. Each side of the property has two slopes. These roofs are used when needed living or storage space is part of the plan for the upper part of the house.

The gambrel roof is also quite popular. It is similar to the Mansard roof but is Dutch inspired. The gable ends are vertical. Unlike the Mansard, the roof extends over the façade.

Typical roof materials include asphalt, metal, tile and wood shingles.

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Composite roofing materials are also frequently used. The decision of roof type depends on a number of factors. The owner's preference, structure strength, cost and home design are elements of consideration.

Residential properties use asphalt as a waterproofing agent. The granules in the tile stay in place because of the asphalt. That adds to the overall strength of shingles.

Metal roofing shingles can mimic cedar of slate shingles. They have curb appeal and warmth with the added strength that galvanized steel provides. Heavy gauge steel closely replicates a natural slate finish.

Tile shingles, made of concrete or clay, are attractive as high end options. Clay tiles are tiles with molded clay baked in. Concrete tiles are combinations of varying water, sand and cement proportions. These shingles are less expensive than rock or slate and very durable. Hot, dry climates are the best environment for tile roofs.

Wood shingles weather over the years and require regular maintenance. Red cedar is the most common type of wood shingle. Some homeowners prefer the traditional look of wood shingles, but they are not permitted in some construction projects since they are more combustible than other roofing materials. When properly maintained, the life expectancy of wood shingles is 15 to 20 years.

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