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Skylights are a great way to add a lot of natural light to a home without sacrificing privacy. Nevertheless, skylights present some challenges that standard windows do not. Many people who move into a home with existing skylights do not know how to maintain them. There are some homeowners who consider adding them but are put off by horror stories of leaking skylights.

Perhaps the most important point homeowners should recognize is that all skylight installations, repairs and maintenance should be performed by a professional roofer from a Goose Creek roofing company. Large contractors that handle roofs, siding, windows and so forth are a viable choice, but homeowners should be careful about hiring a window or glass company without real roofing expertise.

Skylights should be inspected by a professional annually. Be aware that a skylight is much different from other roof intrusions that require flashing, such as chimneys and vents, because they expand and contract throughout the year. This constant expansion and contraction creates wear and tear on flashing, seals, sealants and even the skylight itself. Maintenance contracts that include spring and fall roof inspections may be particularly sound investments for homeowners with skylights.

Many industry trade associations recommend replacing existing skylights with new skylights whenever a roof is replaced.

A roofing contractor from Lowcountry roofing of Goose Creek SC can answer any question about new roofs or roof replacement.

Ideally, homeowners should coordinate roof and skylight replacement. While skylights can be reused, many roofers will refuse the work due to the risk involved. Professionals also recommend replacing skylights when there is a major repair. A major repair in this context is any repair that extends past the shingle layer and is within a foot of the skylight on any side.

During a reroof is the best time to add skylights to a home that does not currently have them, and it may be best to wait on those new skylights until a new roof is required. Skylights can be added after the fact, but the installation costs will be significantly higher, and there will also be additional risk because the skylight is being inserted into the roof rather than having the roof shaped around it.

If a homeowner wants skylights removed, during a reroof is the ideal time for that job as well. Often, skylights can be removed during a reroofing process will very little additional cost to the homeowner. Skylights that are removed without a reroof create the need for a major repair of the roof, which can be very expensive.

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