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There are multiple joints in a roof that create openings where water can enter the building. Flashing creates a barrier that seals off a joint from water. While the installation of a roof is a straightforward process, the flashing is a more technical part of the roofing process. If properly installed, flashing will provide a last line of defense against water damage. Speaking with a Goose Creek roofing contractor about adding flashing to a new or existing roof is an important step to take.

Weather can take its toll on the exterior of any building. However, the design of any exterior should involve a level of protection for the interior. The primary job of the roof is to provide this protection. Water damage is among the most reported problems in homes as a result of weather. With this in mind, flashing provides an extra level of protection to ensure that water will not enter through any joints, but particularly on the roof. Chimney areas, skylights and other parapets on the roof all have joints that must be sealed off. Flashing is the most important step in sealing off these joints.

Made of different kinds of metal, flashing should ideally be noncorrosive and able to be soldered. It must be able to stand the test of time and should continue to do its job properly for the life of the roof.

A roofing contractor from Lowcountry roofing of Goose Creek SC can answer any question about gutters or roof replacement.

Base flashing and cap flashing, also known as counter flashing are the two most common types of flashing. Whereas base flashing will be connected to the roof directly and incorporated into the roofing itself, cap or counter flashing will connect either to the wall or to the extension of the base flashing.

The application of the flashing depends upon the kind of roof that is installed. The purpose, to protect joints against the intrusion of water, is always the same. Proper installation is very important and should only be done by a professional. If not installed correctly, flashing can bind and fail to provide a proper seal to the joint.

Roofing professionals can talk about different options regarding flashing and include cost estimates as part of new or existing roofing. Most roofs are made of asphalt shingles and are rated to last approximately 20 years. Regardless of the type of roof, however, flashing is utilized as a key part of the protection of the interior. The flashing should last the life of the roof itself and faulty flashing is one factor in determining that a new roof may be necessary.

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